Brenton W. Hatch

Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Hatch became the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Company in October 2008 and has served as the Chairman of the Board since November 2008. Mr. Hatch has been responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Company since October 2008. Mr. Hatch co-founded the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Profire Combustion, Inc. in 2002. Since that time he has served as the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Profire Combustion and has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of Profire Combustion since its inception. Prior to founding Profire Combustion, between 2001 and 2002 Mr. Hatch was a Management Consultant and General Manager of Titan Technologies, Inc., an oilfield service and distribution company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In this position, Mr. Hatch performed an in-depth analysis of the operations and management of all divisions of Titan Technologies. Based on his analysis, Mr. Hatch implemented company-wide operational changes to improve company performance. From 1989 to 2000, Mr. Hatch served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Keaton International, Inc., an educational services company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mr. Hatch managed all executive functions of the company and particularly focused on the development and management of the company's educational services. During his time at Keaton International, Mr. Hatch led corporate networking and marketing campaigns world-wide. Mr. Hatch earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Alberta in 1974. Mr. Hatch is not currently, nor has he in the past five years been a nominee or director of any other SEC registrant or registered investment company. We considered Mr. Hatch's experience as a founder and as the principal executive officer of Profire Combustion, as well as his previous management and operational oversight experience in concluding that he should serve as a director of the Company.

Ryan W. Oviatt

Chief Financial Officer and Director

Ryan Oviatt is the Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer, with responsibility over all finance, accounting, information technology, quality control, and compliance functions of the Company. Previously, Mr. Oviatt was a Senior Manager at Rio Tinto, a publicly-traded, international mining and metals company, where he managed significant company functions, having responsibility over Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Financial Reporting Analysis, and Special Projects during his 10-years there from 2005-2015. He also managed value-tracking and reporting within the company, leading to enhanced cash flow and reduced costs. Additionally, Mr. Oviatt served on technical committees relating to international tax, finance, and development of a significant Rio Tinto mining operation. He also helped mentor and develop personnel and management. Prior to Rio Tinto, Mr. Oviatt was an Audit Manager at Ernst & Young, LLP from 2000-2005, where he audited both public and private clients, including oil and gas companies. Mr. Oviatt received his Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Westminster College, and Master Degree in Accountancy from Brigham Young University. He is a Certified Public Accountant in Utah. We considered Mr. Oviatt's extensive management experiences as well as his experience and leadership in other senior financial roles in public companies in determining that he should serve as an officer of the Company.

Arlen B. Crouch


From 1989 to 1997, Mr. Crouch served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Franklin Quest Co., now Franklin Covey Co. (NYSE:FC), where he played a key role in the company's initial public offering and listing on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"). Prior to his appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer, he served in a variety of senior management roles including Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. At the time Mr. Crouch stepped down in 1997 to serve a three-year assignment in Washington, D.C. for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the company had a market capitalization in excess of $500 million. Previously, from 1955 to 1989, he was employed at Merrill Lynch where he served as a First Vice President and Regional Director with responsibilities for retail operations in the Southern California region. In 1995, Mr. Crouch also served as Chair of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. We considered Mr. Crouch's extensive management experiences as well as his experience and leadership in the financial services industry in determining that he should serve as a director of the Company.

Daren J. Shaw


Mr. Shaw has served for more than 30 years in leadership capacities with several financial services firms. Mr. Shaw currently serves as a Managing Director of Investment Banking at D.A. Davidson & Co., a middle-market full-service investment banking and brokerage firm. During his term as Managing Director at D.A. Davidson & Co., Mr. Shaw has served on the Senior Management Committee and board of directors and as the lead investment banker in a wide variety of transactions including public stock offerings, private placements, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining D.A. Davidson & Co. in 1997, Mr. Shaw served for 12 years with Pacific Crest Securities in various roles, including Managing Director. Since 2012, Mr. Shaw has served as a member of the board of directors of The Ensign Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENSG), a provider of skilled nursing, assisted living, and rehabilitative care services with more than 230 facilities located in 15 states. He currently serves as Chairman of The Ensign Group's audit committee and also serves on The Ensign Group's compensation and special committees. We considered Mr. Shaw's extensive experience and leadership in the financial services industry and on the boards of directors of public and private companies in determining that he should serve as a director of the Company.

Ronald R. Spoehel


The Honorable Ronald R. Spoehel is a private investor with over 35 years of board, executive management, investment banking, and private banking experience, from Fortune 500 to technology startups. From 2007 to 2009, he served as the Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed Chief Financial Officer of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ("NASA"). Prior to NASA, Mr. Spoehel served as an executive officer in various general management positions and on the Boards of Directors of public and private operating companies in the U.S. and Europe. Among various companies with worldwide operations, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and on the Boards of both ManTech International (NASDAQ:MANT) and ICx Technologies, Inc.; as Vice President-Corporate Development of Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS); and, as Chief Executive Officer and on the board of directors of Optinel Systems, Inc. Mr. Spoehel began his career as an investment banker for ten years primarily focused on energy and technology sectors. Mr. Spoehel is an honors graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in economics and MBA from the Wharton School, and his Master of Science degree in engineering from the Moore School of Electrical Engineering. In addition to currently serving as Chairman of Millennial ESports Corp. (TSXV:GAME), Mr. Spoehel also serves on the boards of directors of U.S. and international private companies. We considered Mr. Spoehel's extensive experience and leadership in the energy and technology sectors and on the boards of directors of public and private companies in determining that he should serve as a director of the Company.